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ClearZip® is Americas leading brand of reusable Zip Locking bags because of their construction and durability. We offer a wide selection of plastic ClearZip® locking bags that range from small ClearZip® bags to large ClearZip® bags that can be purchased in bulk quantities for further discounts.


White Block Zipper Locking bags are perfect for easy identification of parts and contents. White block area accepts marker and pen ink.

Custom ClearZip® Bags


Customize to fit you specific needs! Print your logo, instructions, bar-code, etc. in up to 6 colors.

Just choose your size, bag style and send us your artwork or idea and we’ll do the rest!

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ClearZip® Assortment Packs



Often, we are asked what thickness plastic Zip Locking bags do I need for my application? This varies from application to application. We are happy to help guide you on what to use along with providing you samples to compare. Use this guide as a starting point to the various thickness offered in our stock ClearZip® zipper locking bags. Gauge or Thickness is expressed in mils, which are 1000th of an inch. One mil equals .001”. For reference, a standard consumer brand Ziploc sandwich bag is about 1.4 mil thick. And most consumer brand freezer bags are 2.4 mil thick. Please Note: Industry standard tolerance for thickness is +/- 10%.


Bags are measured and communicated in inches as Width first then by Length. The Width is measured side to side when the bag is orientated with opening at the top; Length is measured from the zipper track to the bottom of the bag. Please note that the Lip (area above the zipper) is NOT included in the length dimension. For bottom gusset bags measure the open gusset across and communicate it as W x L +B.G: ie: 6” x 8”+4”. Please Note: Industry standard tolerance for size variances is +/- 1/8 inch to both dimensions.

We Offer Same Day Shipping on 250+ sizes and styles of ClearZip® lock-Top Bags. Zipper Locking bags are suited for many different packaging applications. Our ClearZip® zipper locking bags offer impressive clarity and durability for just about any need that is out there. ClearZip® zip plastic bags are constructed of 100% virgin low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or polypropylene (PP) where noted. All of our plastic zip bags meet FDA/USDA, GMP, AIB, TSA requirements and Kosher approval for food contact.

Buy bulk Zip Bags at wholesale prices. We also offer custom sizes, styles and custom printing. Printing on zip bags is our specialty! Our ClearZip® bags feature an integrated zipper you press-to-close to provide a secure tight seal. Custom Printed Zip Bags are always available, along with custom sizes and other options upon request.

Being a direct importer of wholesale zipper locking bags we are able to make available wholesale pricing, even if you only need one case. These zip bags are extruded and converted at a state-of-the-art factory and are far superior to other imported zip top bags. Looking for excellent quality, superb strength and low cost? Then you have found the best imported Zipper Locking Bags you can find anywhere. We even offer a 100% price match guarantee. You may find similar plastic bags with a locking zipper from another company. If you do, we will price match and give you a chance to see our excellent customer service before, during and after the sale.

Re-sealable, Zip Locking packaging has a variety of uses in many different industries. Our ClearZip® industrial zipper locking bags are much better than consumer grade brands. Ours are usually thicker and very dependable because of their secure locking top which provides an excellent way to keep out foreign substances that can compromise your products. Most of our zip bags are made of Low-Density Polyethylene or LDPE plastic film but can also be custom made to your specifications.

Clear Zip Lock

Every business imaginable uses Zip Locking bags in one way or another. Whether it is industrial, commercial, or residential you can be assured that a Zipper lock bag is being used. Shipping or organizing small items, holding perishable items and retaining their freshness, preserving paperwork or sensitive materials, candy, hardware, jewelry, wires, appliances, instruction manuals, collectibles, machinery, crafts, pharmaceutical purposes, powders, PDAs, sports equipment, memorabilia, books, CDs, media, writing instruments, bottles, chemicals, cell phones, pottery, liquids, cosmetics and nearly anything else imaginable.

The side of the bag that opens is always in the width dimension. All ClearZip® lock-Top bags are measured by the inside usable dimensions (without the zipper or lip included in the overall measurements). No matter what resealable poly bag or open end poly bags you choose from us, they all meet FDA and USDA specifications for food. Your packaged contents are on display visible through the clear LDPE. The zip top seal allows them to be closed, opened and resealed over and over again. This makes these bags perfect for items that need to be kept fresh or repackaged.

It would be difficult to find another product that is more widely used, no matter by what name you call it. When there are items in need of protection, organization, coupled with the need to be repackaged, there is no better solution than International Plastic's ClearZip® Zip Locking Bags.

We are the leading online wholesale supplier of ClearZip® industrial zipper lock bags. Our ClearZip® Zip Locking bags are not the same as consumer sandwich, storage, and freezer brands marketed to home consumers. Our bags are thicker and much cheaper than consumer branded bags. Larger volume users of food storage zip bags should try Minigrip Colorzip Institutional Food Service Bags.

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