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Our main pallet selection includes New Wood, Recycled Wood, Closed Deck, Industrial and Heat Treated Pallets. However we also have other more specialty pallets such as Honeycomb Pallet Runners and Rackable Pallets. Make sure you look at the load capacity before you buy so that you will be able to handle the load properly. Plastic pallets provide a splinter and screw less alternative to wooden pallet options. We also offer a couple of styles of specialized pallets such as Honeycomb Pallet Runners and Rackable Pallets


  • Pallets are flat transport structure that provide an economical way to move your product around with a forklift.
  • They are tough, durable, reusable and stack well to save space.
  • Pallets meet ISPM 15 Export Specifications


Pallet Covers - Stretch Film - Strapping

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