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Standard Boxes

Standard Boxes

200 lb. Test Boxes

White & Kraft Corrugated, Multi-Depth

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Heavy Duty Boxes

Heavy Duty Boxes

275 lb. Test Boxes

Single Wall, Double Wall, Multi-Depth, Stitch Joint

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Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

275 -350 lb. Test Boxes

Combo Packs, Mirror, Dish Packing, Wardrobe

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Home and Office Bin Boxes

Home and Office

Storage Bins & Boxes

Open Top Bins, FIle Storage, Stackable Bins

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Bulk Cargo Boxes

Bulk Cargo Containers

Corrugated Cargo Containers,

Gaylord Boxes

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Hazmat Boxes

HazMat Boxes

Boxes & Foam Shippers

Hazardous Waste Boxes Paint Can Foam Shippers

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  • Eliminate costly returns due to shipping damage. Choosing an incompatible cardboard box for a desired shipping or packaging need may not help it or it’s contents survive the perils of everyday handling.
  • International Plastics and UPS recommend 200 lb. test boxes. They provide more strength and protection than 32 ECT boxes which are a budget-friendly alternative for lightweight shipments
  • International Plastics 200 lb. test boxes are made with heavier paper and have 60% greater bursting strength than 32 ECT boxes.
  • Providing substantial bursting strength means negligible crushed or damaged boxes and content during shipping.
  • International Plastics 100% satisfaction guarantee assures that we stand behind any of our products and that we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our boxes.


  • Listed dimensions are always inside dimensions.
  • Length is always the longest side of the box that has a flap.
  • Width is the shorter side of the box that also has a flap.
  • Depth measurements do no have a flap.
  • NOTE: Acceptable manufacturing variance is approx. +/- 1/8”


  • The first dimension is Length.
  • The second dimension is Width
  • Depth is the 3rd dimension and the only side without a flap..
  • To ship via UPS or FedEx , surround each item with 2” of packing material and place each item 2” away from the walls of the box.
  • To ship via USPS, surround each item with packing materials until items are no longer moving around in the box.
  • Air Pillows
  • Bubble Bags
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Convoluted Foam
  • Foam Rolls
  • Kraft Paper Rolls & Sheets
  • Newspint Sheets
  • VCI Rolls & Sheets


Poly Mailers - Packing List Envelopes - Packing Tape



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